Advisory/Announcement (UAT)




1. Before taking the Simulation/Practice Test and UAT, make sure that you have accomplished the Online Application and got your Applicant Number. 

2. Take note of your username and password for taking the Simulation/Practice Test and UAT. Please use your username and password during the UAT Application.

3. Check your schedule and website link ahead of time. You can access your schedule and website link at ASU-MIS Portal ( You can only access the UAT during your scheduled time slot. DO NOT ACCESS THE WEBSITE LINK EARLIER OR BEYOND YOUR SCHEDULED TIME TO TAKE THE UAT.

4. You can access the UAT System Procedure at the ASU-MIS Portal ( A video tutorial is also accessible on YouTube; just search for ASU Online University Admission Test (UAT) System Procedure. The system procedure outlines the specific steps and important guidelines required to take the UAT.

5. Read and follow the instructions carefully while taking note of the time limit during the test proper.

6. Make sure to have a reliable and stable internet connection while taking the test. 


Failure to comply with the aforementioned instructions will result in INVALID LOGIN AND INCONVENIENCE during the University Admission Test (UAT).







For those applicants who are struggling with familiarizing the interface of the website for the UAT Application System, watch the tutorial for the step-by-step process in taking the UAT on this link:
Video Production Credits:
Video Editor: Jeffyl Cyra Joy D. Clarin (BS InfoTech 1)
Script Procedure: Famela Tumaob (MIS Team Member)
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1. Go to your corresponding website link to take the University Admission Test (UAT). You can access your schedule and website link at 
NOTE: Your schedule and website link to take the UAT must be strictly followed. Your username and password can only access the UAT system during your scheduled time. To reiterate, do not access the UAT earlier or later than your scheduled time slot because the system will disallow your account to take the test.

2. Enter your username and password then click LOG IN. Enter the username and password that you have used during your Online Admission Test Application.

3. Upon successful login, click University Admission Test 2021.

4. You are now redirected to the General Instructions and Tests. After carefully reading and understanding the given instructions, click TEST I.

NOTE: You are allowed to take the tests in any order which you find easier and more strategic. For instance, you can take TEST II before answering TEST I.

5. To start answering Test I, click ATTEMPT QUIZ NOW

NOTE: Only 1 attempt is allowed to take each test. Once you click the “Attempt quiz now” button, you cannot go back and take Test 1 again.

6. Then, a message prompt will appear reminding the applicants to be mindful of the time limit. Click START ATTEMPT to be redirected to the test proper.

7. In the test proper, applicants are requested to follow instructions and to answer accordingly taking note of the time limit.

8. Once finished answering, click FINISH ATTEMPT.

9. You will be redirected to the Summary of Attempt. It will show the status of your answer to each test question.

NOTE: If you have remaining time, you are allowed to go back and answer test questions that you have not yet answered. Just click the corresponding number in the QUIZ NAVIGATION.




10. Once finished, click SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH.

WARNING! Make sure to click SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH BEFORE YOUR TIME RUNS OUT. Do this for every test. The system will not record/count all your previous answers if you fail to do so.

11. After that, a confirmation prompt will appear. Click Submit All and Finish again.

12. You will be redirected to the summary of your test. Click BACK TO THE COURSE  to continue answering the other tests. Just follow the same procedure (STEPS NO. 4 TO 11) until you finish answering all the given tests. 

13. Congratulations! You have successfully taken the ASU Online University Admission Test (UAT). You may now log out of the system.

NOTE: Make sure that each box responding to a test is marked with a check before logging out. Good luck and God bless!



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